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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

To all myanmar muslim in Myanmar

The Other Side of Rohingya Story
Category: Article Published on Monday, 11 June 2012 22:33 Written by Won Thar Nu Hits: 624
The Arakan state of Northwest Myanmar remains tense since 8-June's Rohingya attack. The government of Myanmar imposed curfews in major towns of the state. Hundreds of Buddhist villagers' houses set ablaze and villagers are killed by the Rohingya attackers.
The attackers are Rohingyas, the stateless people from Myanmar-Bangladesh border. They are not one of the ethnic groups of Myanmar and Myanmar denizens see them as illegal immigrants.
Several reports about the Arakan riot hit the headlines of international news channels. Many of which claim that Rohingya Muslims are attacked by the Buddhist villagers. This, however, is not true. In fact, most reports on Rohingya riot are fabricated, well-planned and deceptive.
With strong funding from the Arab nations, Rohingya advocates have successfully bribed some foreign-based media groups of Myanmar and have them make up stories about how Rohingyas are oppressed by the government of Myanmar. In order to attain sympathy for the Rohingyas, they even use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to spread false information.
In an incident, a Facebook user namely Mohammad Saleem, posted pictures of expatriates in Dubai and labelled as Rohingyas killed during the Arakan riot.
In another incident, a media group, namely Kaladan Press published a picture of 2011's bomb blast in Southern Myanmar and mentioned as Rohingyas killed during the Arakan riot.
In a report from a local media today, the authorities of Myanmar have caught the mastermind of the ongoing attack and found evidence of Rohingyas' recent connection with Al Qaeda. It is clear that Rohingyas are not the victims in the Arakan riot. It is not a religious riot happening on the Arakan land. It is a terrorist attack which every nation should take precaution with.


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