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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Bengali Terrorists attacked again Rakhine Village in Ya Thayt Toung Township,Western Myanmar

Won Thar Nu


There was a riot between Lower Ku Taung villagers of Arakanese and Benalis from Shwe Laung village this morning between 6 A.M to 8 A.M at Ya Thayt Taung district, Arakan State.

Bengali burned 5 houses of Arakanese around 6 o'clock in the morning in lower Ku Taung village.

"There were no guards and so they were able to do it. Around 7.30 A.M after the fire had been stopped, the riot started between local Araknese and Bengalis.I found 4 Arakanese dead with cut wounds. Bodies were left and they, Bengali, have more people than we were and we withdrew. Five more villagers were not found yet and supposed they were murdered" says a Ku Taung Villager.

Dead Arakanese are U Thein Han, 50 yrs old headmaster, U Phyu (42 yrs old), U Thaung Soe Tun(52) and another dead person of unknown. Lost 5 villagers were not identified and contacted yet according to a villager.

Security forces came and secure this area around 8 o'clock.

"Now, local cheif authority and police forces went there with vehicles. Around 200 youths joined there to help them. No riot in Ya Thayt Taung district was reported.However, a number of refugees fled towards Ya Thayt Taung township to avoid further riots." says U Kyaw Sein, a locan resident from Ya Thayt Taung township.

In Ya Thayt Taung, 14 camps are opened and nearly 5150 refugees are seeking help.The rest of refugees were placed in camps around Ya Thay Taung township for further support.

"135 lakhs of kyats and 500 sacks of rice have been donated for refugees but far more aids like medical supports are urgently needed" says U Kyaw Sein, an social activist.
Arakan Times

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