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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The violent clashes in Myanmar’s West seems almost finished,.....but there still to be continued

Won Thar Nu

The violent clashes in Myanmar’s West seems almost finished …. But there still to be continued.
The strife in Rakhine seems slowly alleviated. The different kind of rumour as terrorist attacking in Yangon Capital City of Myanmar was also faded as the city is still in peaceful condition. Although security are strengthened then before in regional capital Sittwe city, the place is already left with the ashes, smokes, and destructions, and the local people are left with dismay and misery. Businesses are hindered. The civic centres, monasteries, and some local houses are fully occupied with the displaced people of clash. In some camps, people are suffering diarrhoea.

The practical helps of UN and other NGOs are not yet come in. The aid from overseas citizen of Myanmar and other Rakhines are received via the domestic foundations, local relief groups and Rakhine Nationalities Development Party. The coverage of the relief efforts of the senior government officers by donating supplies were in the state-run media, but only God knows that aid were delivered to the places in need of these contributions.

The sectarian clash in the towns of Maungdaw and Butheethaung with large population of Bengalis flared after the rape and murder of Rakhine woman, followed by the death of 10 Myanmar Muslims. The sectarian strife led many untitled crimes of murders executed by the unknown criminals. The peaceful villages and areas were set ablaze. The Rakhines on the state border lived in the danger due to the besiege of Bengalis to the areas. The displaced people in the relief camps lost and also separated from their family.

No need for the further explanation that who is responsible for all these problems. The Bengalis who has gradually moved into Rakhine many decades ago are now over-population. The departures of many Rakhines to other cities in Myanmar and overseas left the Rakhine state weakened to bear the attack of Bengalis. And the lack of good border control and immigration guidelines, and also some unmoral government officers favoured the bribery helped the increase of the Bengalis population in Rakhine where they even start having a sense of territory belonging to Rakhine.

The false news of the genocides committed by military and local Rakhines Buddhists being called terrorists to the Bengalis are presented and broadcasted to the world by the foreign based media such as BBC, VIA, DVB, etc whereas the local rakhines are already displaced and suffered the physical and mental health problems. What had done is that spreading the make believe news to the world which the act is the treason and treachery. Such is a completely disgrace and shame. Most of the stuff working in the Burmese service was the democracy activists and they fled to overseas as a result of the imprisonment of then-ruling governments or some with their own wills. They were/are Myanmar citizens and dissidents, and the majority are the Buddhists. And then, they were regarded as the overseas myanmar democracy activists. Their stations were also favored and relied, but not any more now after the Rakhine issue. They abused the trust and degraded the value People invested in them; as a result, people also become despised of them such as DVB and BBC reporters.

Rakhine strife put Myanmar citizens altogether and become united ever more than before, from the positive point. The people led by their own different perspectives to against their oppositions has come together as one and proceeded towards helping the victims of clash in Myanmar west. That would be seen as the benefit and another undeniable fact is that bringing up the question of what Myanmar muslims stand and their interrelationships with other Myanmar citizens.

This incident of sectarian violence brought up the intensive arguments between muslims and non-muslims in the social networking sites like facebook. The simple arguments were accumulated to the level of religious insults. The root of all problems would be the propaganda of the rakhine woman raped and murdered. It resulted in the death of 10 muslims due to the racial sensitivity of Taungoke people having trapped in this propaganda. Their action, somehow assualted other rakhines. All these incidents would be the beginning of the blaze in Myanmar west. The initial incidents of rakhine woman and muslims deaths will be forgotten by times, but the muslims took it as the big blow and never be forgotten. They had the protest at Sule in the belief of being assaulted and lawless act of what had happened in Taungoke.

The incidents occurred in fast pace one after another and almost observed as prearranged. But, most Myanmar muslims also involved in supporting of Rohingyas via the strong arguments with other anti-rohingyas citizens, propanganda and outright lies of that Myanmar army and rakhines are genociding Rohingyas. Most of the Myanmar muslims take sides with the Rohingyas and support them although some harmonize, and try to ease the tensions between the oppositions.

Rohingyas supporters muslims left the negative comments and titled the religion assault to the posts and articles about the anti-Bengalis and Bengali-muslims and asserted that they are being assaulted religiously. It put the non-muslims citizens in difficult situations which they become not being able to actively and freely against the Bengalis. It certainly provoke the communal tensions between muslims and non-muslims.

The Irrawaddy media made the accusation of internet users fueling the Rakhine clash that induced the negative views in the public toward their media. The domestic medias were united and active reporting the up-to-date news to the public. And the social networking on internet websites is also growing stronger.

The Rakhine clash caught the interests of public and also the world. It is also interconnected with the political and economic reforms rather than just the racial and religious issues. The natural resources of Rakhine has been availed and earned via the projects of Oil and Natural Gas explorations held in Rakhine offshore, but yet Rakhine people are not protected well by the government. The Rakhine Nationalites Development Party is active more than before and stands up for the Rakhine people. However, the feedback of their efforts also draws the conclusion of lacking empowerment in the country.

The clash seems almost ending. What this violent clash bear is that the thousands of displaced people, who can’t return to their homes, whose business were ruined, who were left as the penniless and poor and so on. The real question is how their lives are going to be built up and who is going to support them the adequate food and other supplies in the long term, and until when, how about for the students and parents, and how their lives are going to be effected, how to control the illegal immigration of Bengalis, how to prevent this sort of plight and unrest happening again in future, how to … … …

Maga Lulin-ရခိုင္အေရးဟာ ျပီးဆံုးလုေသာ္လည္း . . . ဆက္ရန္ရွိဆဲ
TS by-Thiha Soung

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