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Thursday, 21 June 2012

State of emergency declared

Myanmar Times

By Zaw Win Than
Volume 32, No. 631
June 18 - 24, 2012

PRESIDENT U Thein Sein last week declared a state of emergency in Rakhine State for “the security of the people and community peace” following sectarian violence in the region.

The decision, announced on June 10, effectively gives the military control over administrative functions in the state.

U Thein Sein warned that if violence in Rakhine State spread it could put the country’s transition towards democracy in danger.

“The situation could deteriorate and could be extended beyond Rakhine State if we are terrorising and killing each other with such sectarianism, endless hatred, the desire of vengeance and anarchy. I would like you all to realise how seriously it would damage stability, democratisation process and national development of our country in transition period,” U Thein Sein said.

He said the government would take action against lawbreakers and reiterated that the government “would attach greater importance to the rule of law”.

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