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Friday, 29 June 2012

Rakhine people losing livelihood


Many Rakhine people are still losing their livelihoods and works while the local authorities are trying to retrieve peace and stability after the recent violence and riots.

As there has not been prevalence of security in the area, the locals cannot resume their businesses such as construction and fishing. when looking forward the issue into long term, they are possible to encounter several difficulties in their livelihood.

After some Rakhine ethnic villages in Maungdaw district were set fire by Rohingyas, local people had to abandon their houses as they worried about more attacks by illegal migrants.

Most of the refugees at the rescue camps are known as manual labours and farmers. As a repercussion of recent violence, a freeze on border trade has encumbered the manufacturing and trading sector of the region massively.

A villager of  Tha-yay-kone-baung village said, “As we encountered with attacks during the cultivation season, we could not grow paddy in rainy season anymore. Our herds of cattle were taken away by the rioters. We have already lost our homes. So we are possible to stay only in rescue camp this monsoon.”
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