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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

"Lady 1, Pig 0" When you are a guest, even our Suu has to wrestle with a pig

Won Thar Nu

The London School of Economics or LSE is one of the best universities in the United Kingdom and perhaps in the world, John F. Kennedy went there for his graduate studies after his undergraduate degree in United States.It was a constituent college of University of London, now an autonomous university, one of the Russell Group Universities in UK. LSE was in the media hot waters for her association with the son of deceased Libyan leader colonel Gadhafi, Saiful Gadhafi. Under such circumstances, it is not very surprising that they are trying to leverage Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's historic visit by inviting her to their round table. It is a win-win proposal indeed so that Su can promote the accelerating reforms in Burma, she can dispel the miscommunications around us, she can promote the rule of law and order Burma is desperately needed. In other words, LSE needed Su and they wanted to be good hosts while she is there but we should recognize their good intentions. However, there is a cliché, all the road to hell is well paved with good wills.

What happened today was such an excellent example that fulfills that cliché. The good intention of LSE was spoiled by their 0 Pounds worth freebie guy with a title visiting fellow called Zarni. It is the same Maung Zarni who made a noise with his infamous on-line rant "Long Live [my] Rohingya [Bengali daddies]". To put it this way, he tried unsuccessfully to turn that round table into a debate or a duo of words. But it turned out the lady never get soiled by the pig. Who wants to wrestle with a pig as unfortunately the pig will be happy but you got soiled with mud.

To elaborate what happen in live video view whic people watch for Daw Suu in LSE where Maung Zarni is given a title of visiting fellow there. The visiting fellowship is just a ploy to get free media coverage for LSE. It is as usual, British seem to have mastered the martial art of Jujitsu, LSE does not have to pay a Pound for visiting fellow pay checks, but it was Prospect Burma that paid his salary - which was funded by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's Nobel prize money, PB was paying his salaries till he got a job in the University of Brunei, which is in Brunei Darul Islam (means Brunei the house of Islam).

As a Burmese, it is embarrassing to see his aggressive acts of trying to corner our leader into a tight corner. But perhaps he needs the money as the time he shouted LLR (Long Live Rohingya) co-incited with a time he moved to the new job to the university funded by the coreligionists of Bengalis. Burmese have no ill issues with Brunei as it is ruled by a British educated handsome Sultan. But the problem is that to get and hold a job, is it necessary to promote the foreigner Bengalis invading into Burma who invented a word "Rohingya" to invent the race that never existed. Rohingya means the residents of Rakhine, Burmanised name of Arakan, the land they are trying to steal from Rakines, the land those Bengalis have been quietly infiltrating and now they are openly invading trying to turn the invasion into a race-religious conflict to get international attention. No sane Burmese want ethno-religious riots to stall the reforms accelerating in Burma thanks to the democratization efforts of Suu and leading generals whose collective efforts should be dully recognized.

Therefore, while we can understand everyone has to make a living, Maung Zarni too has to make a living, being a Burmese, we believe he should not put Daw Aung San Suu Kyi into a tight corner as she is a statesman but not a prime minister, president or portfolio holding official yet. Burmese were wondering how low he would go, we were watching uncomfortably he was trying to hard to maneuver Daw Su with questions so that she will find hard to answer questions.

Finally, good for Burma and Burmese, it was him who was embarrassed, her grace, quiet confidence and well balanced answers backed with well informed knowledge won the day.

So we say "Lady 1, Pig 0" even when she was forced into the ring to wrestle with the hog, not a Burmese with fine scholar caliber and intellect but just a media hungry thuggish man only how to charge as he was seen on LSE live.

Doctor Dote Kyee

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