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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Fake Money Crimes By Two Rohingyas at Pha Laung Chade District

Won Thar Nu

Police have detained two Rohingyas because of counterfeiting notes at Naw Yar Pa Ra Village, Ka Yu Chaung Township, Pha Laung Chade District on June 19, 2012. The first criminal is Hinsana. He is 30 years old, son of Eisu who live at Room No.6, Sheet No.695, H Block , Muslim Camp of Refugee. The another one is called Begun Khatija, 15 years old. Her Father's name is Iliyachera who live at the same Camp , Room No.4 ,Sheet No. 694 ,H Block. Now, they are accused by the Law of Bengal Money Laundering. Rohingya made hundreds of fake money. These activities pretend to make more and more crimes radically.One of the Police Officers said that these victims, Rohingyas often do various crimes.
TS; Poe Phyu Thant

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