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Friday, 29 June 2012

Bengalis attacked a Myanmar security guard, to get his gun

Won Thar Nu

 Despite imposing curfew, a security guard was attacked by 5 Bengalis in an attempt to get his gun.
"It happened around 8 o'clock in the evening. We heard shouts and gunfire and so we checked the situation and heard that 5 Bengalis tried to attack a security police to get his gun" said a person from Myo Thu Gyi quarter at Maung Daw township.

They Bengalis came along the bridge and attacked the security police at that Bridge to get the gun. The police fired into the air and after that those 5 Bengalis ran away.

An official from 4 mile based No (2) police force confirmed that news.
"Yes it is. He's from our branch. He was suddenly attacked and got injured. 4 out of 5 Bengali gangs are arrested till now. One is still left to be charged. We will take legal actions on this assault", says the local police official.

"We can't reveal every situation in detail because we must be aware of providing full security at the moment" he said.

On 25th June, a news spread amongst locals that Bengalis will restart riots. This incident is the very first case since such news was reported.

Unconfirmed sources reported that Aung Bala village will be set on fire and Bengalis are now collecting gasoline. Therefore, security forces explored a Muslim village near Aung Bala village in yesterday evening.

On 8th of June, Muslim Bengalis use fire as a way to start riots by burning properties of Araknese. 9 villages of Rakhines and other ethnics were burned down and tens of thousands have become homeless. 7 were killed and 50 injured people were found.

Currently, thousands of refugees were placed at schools and the situation is still under worrisome condition due to further threats.
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  1. There are two sides to this conflict. Buddhists have discriminated against Muslims in Myanmar for decades. Karma works both ways.


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